Why Google voice accounts are important

Why Google voice accounts are important for an Agency

Why Google voice accounts are important for an Agency.

In an era of cloud-based phone systems, Google Voice has turned out to be the best. It’s known for its affordable charges, fantastic services, and the fact that you can move around with your office. Some may think it’s not the best, but we must accept that it is a cheap office phone option.

It is also a great alternative to your home phone. You will enjoy exceptional services conveniently when you have Google Voice accounts for your agency with you wherever you go. Although you want to use this service, the way it works could be another nightmare you are experiencing. It’s not something complex to get and use. Read on to find out more!

Google Voice Accounts Are Worth for any Agency.

Many agencies acquire two or more phone numbers to carry out their communication. It becomes challenging to carry several phones or even access them at the same time. With Google voice accounts, you can receive information from various numbers on a single number. Using a Google voice account saves time and makes communication effective.

Why Google voice accounts are important

Why Google voice accounts are important

Other benefits of Google voice accounts to an agency include:

  • Free conference calls.
  • You can use it free of cost.
  • Transcribes voice mail.
  • You can record incoming calls.
  • You can receive a call anywhere.
  • Affordable international calling.
  • Offers free email and SMS notifications.
  • It also allows you to make screen calls.
  • It’s easy to manage high call volume.

Google Voice Accounts are not limited!

Most people think that Google Voice accounts are functional on Android phones, which is not true. You can also download the app in the App Store and use it on your iPhone. Your iPad or iPod Touch can also work efficiently with Google Voice accounts. You can listen to voicemails, send text messages, and make calls on this app.

How a Google Voice Number Works.

Why Google voice accounts are important, Setting up and using a Google Voice account is easy and convenient. Anybody with some skills to use a phone or a PC can comfortably use Google Voice. Because this service works over a broadband connection, you can use it with your home or office network connection.

When you create Google Voice accounts, you can choose to port your number or get a unique Google Voice number. In case you need to get a new number, you will input the area code and pick a phone number of your choice. You will input a number that can be accepted or rejected by Google. In case the number is in use by another client, you won’t be able to use it. All numbers are unique and personal.

Immediately after getting a phone number, you can start using it by creating a voicemail message. You can go ahead and make calls or send messages from your PC or your phone. All voicemail messages are accessible in the app, and a transcript of the same message is sent to the email associated with your account.

When you receive a Google Voice call, you will receive a notification on your phone. You will have an option to receive the call or not. If you are not convenient to receive it, you can forward it to another number. You can decide to call back later and opt to have your Google Voice number show on your caller’s phone instead of your carrier’s phone number. For agencies, your number can ring several phones. Different persons will be able to answer to the company’s line at will.


Why Google voice accounts are important, Google Voice accounts solve all issues related to telephone calls. It is a better way of unifying communication in any business. Having a Google voice account enables you to switch carriers without changing the phone number. A single number can ring any phone through any receiver and not necessarily a specific one. If you change your physical number, you only need to use a different number to which your calls are routed. It’s that easy.

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