How to delete fast Google voice number

How to Delete Fast Google Voice Number

You are enjoying the great feature of Google voice accounts and saving your valuable time and money. Google voice is popular for easy communication and free of cost.

But if you don’t want to go more with Google Voice, you can delete your Google voice number in very easy steps. If you think you no longer received the call from this Google voice number and feel uneasy, Let’s try the step and delete your Google voice number.

Steps to Delete Your Voice Number

  • Go to from your web browser.
  • Heat the settings button, you can see the icon on the right side of the screen.
  • You can see the appearing Google voice number and turn off voicemail and you received the voicemail via message.
  • Now click on the account button from the left sidebar.
  • You can see your desire phone number, and click the delete button.
  • After clicking the delete button, open a new tab window and click on the proceed menu.
  • Finally You get notification Deleting…Please wait few minutes. After completed the delete, you still see your text logs and call history on it.
How to delete fast Google voice number

How to delete fast Google voice number

How to Delete Text, Call Logs from Google Voice?

If you want to delete the logs, furthermore you never get access to these logs again. You can do this with one click fast. let’s follow the steps:

  • Open from your computer.
  • Select the items calls, Messages, and voicemail.
  • Your selected items click for the checkmark sign.
  • After selection makes sure to delete.
  • Confirm for delete and done successfully.
How to delete fast Google voice number

How to delete fast Google voice number

Can I Get Back My deleted Google Voice Number?

If you Changed your mind to get back your Number back, Yes You can do it within 90 business days. Just log into your Google Voice accounts and click on the legacy google voice option. You can get back your old Google Voice number from here.

How to Cancel Google Voice with Google Agent

If you feel uneasy to delete your google voice number manually, you just take help from the Google voice live agent in a secure way. Just call the agent, they asked for some verification code to verify you are the owner of this number. You need to submit the full instruction and they delete your Google voice number at their own risk and it is safe and secure.

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Bottom Line

Now you know the all information to delete Your Google voice number fast and easy steps. Moreover, If you feel that facing any error or anything else, You can contact us.

We are ready to assist you and fix your problem.