How To Get Google Voice Number in 2021

How To Get Google Voice Number In 2023

You may know Google voice is a smart way that offers free. Google provides free of cost because of customer satisfaction also safe and secure communication. It all have to do with following some easy steps and getting the free virtual number. But If you don’t know how to get a Google voice number in 2021 this article is for you. You can set up Google voice into your pc or android phone and makes a voice call, text, and voicemail international.

What is Google Voice Number?

How To Get Google Voice Number in 2021

How To Get Google Voice Number in 2021

Google Voice is a cloud-based landline phone system, You can use these Google voice numbers in your home-based, office wherever you want. You can use one of the great features of call forwarding from one number to another. So you can manage and save time using a single phone. This Google Voice number you can bring anywhere any device as your wish.

Features of Google Voice Accounts

  • Free of Cost: offer you 3 Country-based free virtual phone numbers well as the USA, UK, and Canada.
  • Free Phone Numbers: Google provides local free phone numbers for you, Choose any area code numbers as you want.
  • Castrol Clear Voice calls Voicemail, Text: You can make calls, text with any kind of phone number unlimited without any credits.
  • Number Transfer: You Can Transfer your existing Google Voice number to any Google accounts.
  • Forward Call: You can forward your Number to multiple devices and received calls from 1 device.

How to Get Google Voice Numbers?

It’s important to know that you have a Google verified accounts to get register to Google voice number. If you don’t have Google accounts creating one or buy Gmail accounts. It takes a few minutes and ahead to try to pick a Google voice number. Let’s follow these 5 steps:

  • Open Your web browser and enter to get started.
  • Let’s read the terms and conditions and selected to go.
  • Google suggests your desire for a local area code, you can choose your target area code.
  • Now Google offers you many virtual numbers you can choose from and pick the number you want.
  • Last step you just need to verify your existing phone number which you get a verification code throw voice call and verified yourself.

How to use your Google Voice number?

After successfully set up your Google voice number, You can use this number using your Computers, Tablet, Smartphone, or iPhone. Google published an app for android and iPhone, you can download it from the play store or apple store. After download, the app now login to your Google account and access the Google voice number. Now you can call, text any numbers anywhere using your app.

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And if you don’t want to log in every time just forward your Google Voice number to your existing number and received a call without login into the app.

Google voice Costs

Don’t need to pay to get free virtual Google voice numbers. You can make and receive calls from the local area out of cost. You need to pay for international calls, which are minute based cost.

Final Words

Google Voice is blessed for a small business owner, Small or medium Team, Freelancer, or any kind of small project, Google voice is a smart option for total out of cost. Google voice is easy to use from anywhere any device and safe time and money.